Crafton Makes Clutch 1000 List as a WordPress Global Leader

13 grudnia 2018

We certainly have come a long way since our start in 2010 as we have worked on hundreds of different projects for various clients from all over the world. We’ve made a name for ourselves through our proven track record in providing Wordpress development and UX services to help our clients expand their businesses in the online marketplace. Our work has frequently been highlighted by ratings and review firm Clutch, who in the past has accredited our company as being a leading web development company as well as being among the leading WordPress developers. More recently, Clutch has included our company in their Clutch 1000 list! This is the first year that Clutch has created this category, which is comprised of the top 1000 B2B firms from all over the world. Being included on this list is an exclusive right for the companies that continue to offer the best solutions in their industry and build the best relationships with their clients. When reviewing companies, Clutch uses feedback from their clients as their principal determinant when assigning rankings and places them on lists such as the Clutch 1000. We take great pride in the work we provide for our partners, and our 4.9 out of 5 star rating reflects our commitment to their businesses success! The purpose of the Clutch database and these comprehensive lists of top B2B companies is for the benefit of companies in search of potential partners. These shortlists break down industry trends, pricing, portfolio items, company descriptions, and reviews so companies have access to the leading companies in different areas and industries. Our inclusion on The Clutch 1000 is the perfect way for our team to end the year, as it serves as a great benchmark for how far we have come. These companies are regarded so highly based upon their expertise and levels of dedication to their partners. Moving forward, our team is sure to keep excelling within the Clutch database and progressing through their ranks as we continue to grow and take on new projects.