IT outsourcing

31 January 2018

The word “outsourcing” derives from two words: “outside” and “resources”. In the business language, the combination of these two words means going outside with tasks of the company. Specifically speaking, outsourcing means contracting some of the work out to external business entities. It is a transfer of functions that are being performed by an outside company instead of the employees of a given firm. The contractor is specialized in a specific field such as management, business process management, infrastructure, information technology etc.

In the definition of outsourcing the key role is being played by the freedom of choice. The principle demands particular effects but it is the contractor being responsible for the decision how the actions should be performed. That is the main difference between outsourcing and any other type of relationship between business partners in which the executors are precisely briefed on the way of operation.

Information technology outsourcing (ITO) is nothing else than using external resources of IT companies which can realize some projects cheaper or more effectively than the firm ordering the service. It can apply both to full services and just some parts of bigger tasks or processes. Outsourcing IT services is a very wide issue which contains e.g. current administration of hardware and software, website maintenance and designing or developing company’s website. Obviously, using external help is a great solution for these companies which are not really familiar with IT. But not only for them! Also the specialists e.g. interactive agencies can take big advantages from such a partnership. What makes it such an effective remedy?

10 reasons why IT outsourcing is a perfect solution for your company

  1. Reduction of costs - IT outsourcing lets you reduce the number of employees in your company.
  2. Leaving a part of your business in safe hands of specialists whose level of knowledge and skills is higher than it is among your employees.
  3. Increase of stability – the company is no longer dependent on particular employees. The risk of a temporary weakening of the team because of e.g. sickness vanishes, since an external firm is responsible for providing you the service on time.
  4. Chance of making use of highly experienced experts who are too expensive to hire them permanently.
  5. Effectiveness of work – the contractor works only when you want it and is does not get paid, when you do not need their help.
  6. An easy access to modern technologies, know-how and up-to-date knowledge.
  7. In contrast to permanent employee, the contractor has no access to confidential information.
  8. Reducing the number of administrative responsibilities in the company.
  9. High concentration of time, employees and all the resources on the core business.
  10. No need to pay for infrastructure. Covering the price of the service is the only cost you have got. The infrastructure is on the contractor’s side.

Why is outsourcing exceptionally useful in the IT business?

The list of numerous pros of outsourcing could be much longer and most of them may apply to many and various different business branches. However, in the IT business outsourcing is outstandingly efficient. The technology changes and develops all the time and keeping up to date requires really significant effort. No one can be a specialist in all areas and the high technology fields demand a lot of work, learning and experience, if one wants to be a competent worker. Companies can get much more effective, when they let their employees develop in their core areas. Using IT outsourcing allows them to fully focus on their jobs and the same time, the IT service is on the highest level.

Due to the complex nature of IT branch, that is highly important that the companies reduce the risk of making mistakes. When you outsource the service to real professionals you can be sure that your plans will not be ruined because of individual mistakes and other human factors. That is also a chance to use better technical solutions that could be never realised by your own employees. It is worth to choose an IT company with good reputation and long experience on the market because that makes you able to use their broad knowledge, see their point and get inspired by their ideas. Just think about designing a new website for your company. The web trends and solutions change all the time so only using the service of the best qualified specialists is a guarantee of getting a really high-quality product.

The biggest benefits of IT outsourcing can be taken by little companies which normally would never be able to use the same solutions as the bigger competitors. All the problems like lack of money, experience, knowledge and skills disappear. Most small business organisations cannot afford long-time contracts for high-quality IT specialists and, for the most, they probably do not need their help in full-time dimension. That is the situation where outsourcing comes with its help and these little employers can hire, literally “rent” employees from the highest shelf for e.g. few hours a month.

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