Poland – the perfect place to outsource

15 września 2017

It is estimated that over 170,000 people work in the outsourcing industry in Poland and the market grows at a staggering rate of 15% per year. According to reports, more than 90% of IT service providers in Poland are planning to increase employment over the next few years. This trend shows the dynamic development of the sector and the growing specialization of Polish IT industry. Researches show that about 64% of Polish companies focus on servicing foreign brands. Why do firms from outside of Poland so often choose this country as a perfect place to find their outsourcing partner? In the report of Raconteur of Outsourcing in September 2016, Poland was recognized as the most attractive outsourcing location in the nearshore model in Europe. As a justification, the low cost, high competence of specialists, very favourable business environment and development of modern business-related infrastructure were given. It is no wonder that this model of business service is developing very dynamically in Poland. Kraków is known as the capital city of international business centres but in the case of IT services, such cities like Katowice, Wrocław, Poznań or even Rzeszow are competing more than successfully. Impressive number of highly qualified employees is a key factor in Poland's IT outsourcing position on the map of Europe. Currently, more than 150,000 of them are employed in the IT industry on a national scale, and each year approximately 15,000 IT graduates enter the labour market. Moreover, according to the Central Statistical Office, the number of IT graduates is constantly growing and the level of skills is often higher than among specialists in Western Europe. Year after year, the skills of Polish specialists are being confirmed in international competitions such as the Imagine Cup and Google Code Jam. This demonstrates the high standards in the Polish education system and the great skills of native developers and designers. You can also see that video marketing industry is constantly growing in Poland. Craftoon is a great example of a business partner that combines high quality service with East-European prices. All the IT projects require collaboration and communication between managers and contractors. Sometimes in case of offshore services, conference call planning can be difficult due to time zone differences. The compatibility of Poland's time zone with the most of European countries plays a significant role in improving coordination and communication in the project. In addition, the location of the state in the heart of Europe makes the country the ideal place for nearshore, as the parties can easily meet when it is needed. Poland has very good connections with major European cities and regions and a well-developed transport infrastructure to use within the country. All these factors lead to easier communication between team members. Meet your remote team! Outsourcing is a perfect solution, Poland is a perfect place and…Crafton is definitely a perfect company to choose! Our specialists are passionate about their job and dedicated to bring each project to the highest level. Our professional team includes UX specialists, designers, developers, content creators and project managers and all of them are available for you. It is you who decide what kind of help you need. It is you choosing when and for how long you need our help. Let us shortly introduce you our new outsourcing program which has been carefully prepared to meet all potential expectations and fulfil all the needs of our customers.
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  2. Choose if you require delivering the entire project or just help with its particular part.
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