UX research - What is the preparation for research?

11 września 2023

UX tests require solid preparation of the content and technology.Only the unique errors and behavior of the processes that characterize our software house from Poznań contribute to the real, beneficial impact of UX research on the client's operation.

UX Research - Begin preparation with a research plan
The research plan allows you to organize all aspects of the research. What makes up a thoroughly prepared research plan? Accurate research goals, focused on the client's business. The goals set by the agency take into account the client's business needs. It is worth considering cognitive goals, i.e. what we want to learn in tests and ways to use this knowledge about commercial activities. Let us remember, however, that it is the choice and selection of several different actions that require more effective actions taken at subsequent stages.

An example of the research goal- improving conversion in an online store by increasing its usability.

Sample research questions:
-Where do users search for products?
-How do the target groups search for the products they need depending on their age?
-What makes users leave the store before making a purchase?

This kind of information will help us efficiently choose the test method, conduct UX tests and provide the client with accurate results with the proposed solution.

Groups of people - Recruitment for research is not the simplest task. Especially if companies with a specific and narrow group of potential clients are involved. We should accurately determine the characteristics of the respondent or respondents and divide them into specific groups of recipients. This will allow you to specify the results at a later stage and select better-suited people for the research.

Choice of research method - One of the most important decisions we will have to make before conducting the test. Remember that there are many types of research, depending on what goals we have set - they can be divided into qualitative and quantitative research.

Pictorial UX research schedule - Website and website research, like any other project, has its own schedule. The time frame depends on many factors, but the schedule should have at least three stages. These include recruitment, research sessions and presentation of the results to the end customer. We should also remember about any time buffers that should be included in the event that any of the stages shifts.

Type of data and way of analyzing them - The form of presentation of the research results established earlier will avoid any confusion on both sides. Sometimes interpretation sessions are conducted with the client's team, other times internally at the UX agency. Let's include in the plan information about the data that we plan to obtain during the research and how to interpret it. Everything matters when we want to get a satisfactory result.

Research budget - Often, but it is not always defined before the research plan is structured. Interactive Agencies should know this as early as possible to consult research methods. This is one of the key elements that determine the choice of the correct and tailored method.

How to choose a research method in User Experience research?
The selection of a research method in User Experience research is one of the most important tasks that you will need to take. Sometimes the method is dictated by the client’s decision, experience or specialization of the agency, but we should analyze the data and only draw conclusions that are valuable from the company's point of view.

It is recommended that UX agencies use different research methodologies to identify relationships between them, and then better and faster correct selection for subsequent clients. Unfortunately, you will often have to pay for the knowledge you gain with subsequent experiences, mistakes and budget, but in the long run it is a very profitable method for each party. Our software house in Poznań has many years of experience, teams of UX professionals and a huge amount of research carried out in the portfolio, which means that the margin of error is significantly reduced

What should be the questions before matching the perfect test method?
There is no doubt that before choosing a test method, agency staff should ask themselves many questions. Only after providing an exhaustive answer they have the chance to satisfy the customer and achieve their goals. Questions should focus on several aspects in particular.

Website and website research - How and where to recruit participants?
There are many ways to do this, and using more channels increases the likelihood of success. It also often helps to have your own database of candidates that has experienced UX agencies. This saves a lot of time. Where should you look for candidates?

Social media - It's usually in them that we have a great chance to find matching people. Depending on the target group and its characteristics, we can search for candidates using paid advertising, in specialized groups or in specific communities.

Spontaneous recruitment at the UX study site - There may be a situation where the best method of attracting respondents is to conduct spontaneous recruitment at the study site. For example, at a given university, when our target group are students.

Using the internal candidate database - If the UX testing method allows it, you can use the internal candidate database of the interactive agency. Many experienced companies have the opportunity to benefit from the involvement of people who previously participated in the research.

Help for temporary employment agencies - Acquiring respondents can also take place in cooperation with a temporary employment agency. The solution can be used especially when it is necessary to recruit people from narrow social groups and the possibility of investing large budgets. Nevertheless, this is one option when others do not bring the expected results.

The research questionnaire is a tool that increases the chances of success It is worth mentioning that the recruitment of respondents is irreplaceable in the research questionnaire. It allows you to choose the most optimal and  cost-effective way.

Technological preparation and materials - Website usability research

Checklist, arranging the research room, organizing a team of UX specialists, researchers and, if necessary, arranging an appointment with a client are just a few aspects that you need to take care of when designing a research session. This is a very demanding job, in which the UX agency's experience and competence give the greatest return. Thanks to the research company knows how to provide respondents with comfort, make them get there without problems. Assigning the wrong people or inaccurate selection makes the tests useless. We are happy to clarify all incomprehensible concepts and propose a solution that may work for a particular company. Contact us and get a real impact on the future financial results of an online store, website, application or other interactive product.