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If you need someone to conduct a project from its definition phase to its post-implementation support, we are happy to accompany you and support you. Suppose you are looking for a partner that can rapidly adapt to an already ongoing project. In that case, our flexibility and modular-based solutions will become a perfect match for your project puzzle.

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We carry out website audits

We carry out website and application audits

We analyze a website's structure and inspect the usability based on data gathered from Google Analytics and HotJar. We go deep into specifics of certain industries and carefully observe their trends to always be one step ahead. Thanks to our insight and extensive experience, we can predict the direction of technology development for various industries, and such forecasts are presented in our reports.

Additionally, we show the best practices to learn from, but we also warn against possible mistakes that we may notice earlier. Thanks to our expert audits, you will gain valuable knowledge not only about the current positioning of your site or app but also what to do to become a leader of your industry.

  • User behaviour analysis

    User behavior analysis supports our process to provide solutions that perfectly match your needs. Thanks to Google Analytics and Hotjar tools, we get valuable data that translates into an increase in the effectiveness of your product.

We have delivered usability audits for:

We conduct re search

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research

We understand the expectations of website users because we know their behavior and accompany them while navigating the website. Thanks to A / B tests, we learn what the user needs, how they look for specific information, and where they get lost. We effectively simplify user journeys to increase satisfaction and accurately address the targeted demographics' needs. During our workshops, in-depth interviews, and focus research, we get to the root of the problems and propose perfectly tailored solutions.

As a result, surveyed and improved websites have a high conversion rate and translate into profit in real terms. Users more often make their final decisions by permanently associating themselves with a given platform.

  • Effective End User Testing

    Using modern tools to perform end-user tests, we gather essential information allowing us to improve your product or prototype. We also deliver valid results and solutions when performing tests with people from all around the world. Distance is not an issue.

We conducted research for:

We design interfaces

We design beautiful interfaces

Our creativity is not limited even by the most restrictive brand book. Design has always been our strong point because we attach great importance to expressing the character of our clients through visual aspects. We reach perfection through design revisions worked out together with the clients. We can extract unique elements from each of the guidelines that will become an advantage over the competition. We work with the latest software on the market, such as XD Adobe, Sketch, Figma, to ensure the highest standard of projects. We do not repeat common trends and set new paths for online aesthetics.

  • Responsive and interactive design

    We draw from over 10 years of experience and use only the newest tools that allow us to create fully responsive and interactive projects. Depending on a customer's needs, we develop custom solutions to match the expectations.

We designed UI for:

We are obsessed with pixel-perfect Front-end

We are obsessed with pixel-perfect Front-end

Thanks to using and following the best development practices while coding, we make our websites capable of 'speaking' with their users. We provide maximum optimization to support SEO and free use of all web applications on mobile devices. We can implement all requirements listed in WCAG 2.0 to provide the best availability of websites to all its users.

We are working using only the newest and evolving frameworks like Vue.js, React.js, and Angular, which give endless possibilities.

  • Scalable technology

    Thanks to the best practices and the letest technology stack, we can implement your project with high efficiency. Unlimited possibilities will bring the 'wow' factor to your website's visitors, along with the comfort of browsing the content on all mobile devices.

We have coded websites for:


We implement CMS to match your needs perfectly

We offer a wide selection of content management systems (CMS), providing secure and scalable projects. Open Source solutions like WordPress and Drupal make content management on-site easy and intuitive. Our customers very quickly achieve a high proficiency and freedom in using advanced functions of an administration panel, given our strive for a simple and easy-to-understand configuration.

Reliable add-ons, complete control over website layout, and a visual editor provide an excellent foundation for further development of each website. Let your website grow together with you!

  • Functional admin panel

    Administration of your website can be very easy and intuitive. Thanks to years of experience and Open Source elements, we can fit a CMS panel to your needs, especially when it comes to custom functionalities.

We created CMS for:

We build secure back end

We build secure back-end systems

We don't work on off-the-shelf templates; we always customize our back-end systems according to business challenges and needs. We have broad experience in implementing custom-made solutions based on Laravel PHP. Our systems are scalable, secure, and easy to use for administrators.

We can deliver good alternatives to rigid IT solutions because we firmly believe each client deserves an individual approach.

  • Stable and secure solutions

    Custom solutions implemented by our team will give you full flexibility and opportunity to grow. Use of Laravel, PHP or Symfony translates into an effective and efficient product, even many years after implementation.

We have provided beck-end solutions for:

We create E-COMMERCE that sell

We create e-commerce solutions that sell

We understand how well-designed e-commerce stores translate into real profits for our clients. The future of e-commerce is secure platforms, requiring optimization fueled with automation and user-friendliness. Our years of experience in User Experience design, customization possibilities that the biggest e-commerce engines give, and an effective API to create online shops are the foundation of the business's future.

Constant monitoring, analyses, and maintenance allow us to improve the systems and bring tangible business results to our clients.

  • Optimization of sales processes

    Use of popular e-commerce systems increases your product's performance and effectiveness for conducting online business. Thanks to our experience, we can easily integrate your shop with ERP/SAP systems giving you a functional sales environment.

We created e-stores for:

We Cre ate mobile applications

We create mobile applications

We can put ourselves in the users' shoes and create a new level of technology that will be with them every day. We create innovative mobile apps that support our clients in reaching a broader audience. We use dynamically developing Flutter technology to achieve the best optimization for Android and iOS systems. We also constantly develop apps in React Native, allowing us to bring the best experience to all mobile devices.

Mobile products that diversify communication channels for our clients are our passion, which is crucial to our constant search for the best innovations.

  • Multiplatform mobile apps

    Apps created by our team always improve effectiveness and will assist users in their daily life. Being closer to clients on iOS and Android platforms gives you a higher impact on their decisions and builds an attachment to the product, even when they are offline.

We designed apps for:

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As experts in the fields of design and development, we extract all hidden potential and opportunities within our customers ideas. We create elegant products helping brands to shine when a user interact with its interface.

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