For the Internet Banking services of Santander Consumer Bank we have developed a new e-banking system. As part of our cooperation, we have created a concept of the platform, wireframes, graphic designs and implemented a front-end layer. a concept of e-banking system, wireframes, graphic designs and implemented a front-end layer. We made sure that our solutions are effective with two rounds of usability testing. The result of our work is a reliable and stable e-banking system, which every day is being used by thousands of satisfied users.


Santander Consumer Bank S.A. is a Polish bank, being a part of Banco Santander Group. It has been working in Poland since 2006. The main bank offers are cash loans, installment loans and credit cards. E-banking system is visited daily by hundreds of clients seeking for information about their bills, checking their loan repayment schedule or contacting customer support with numerous enquiries.

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The basic requirement of an Internet banking service is high usability and assurance of easy access for customers representing diverse age groups. There are many restrictions when it comes to transactional service project requirements. Our job is to fulfill all requirements, while making sure that the layout is friendly and all functionalities that enhance the use of the services are delivered properly on the mobile devices.


Before we started working on a clickable prototype, we focused on a thorough analysis of different Polish and foreign banking websites. Afterwards, we started the conceptual work, which resulted in clickable prototypes of the service. Based on the prototypes we conducted our first round of usability testing.

After receiving feedback from a properly selected test group, we continued with graphic design. During the second round of testing, the group has closely analyzed every detail of the website layout and look%feel. Users have positively evaluated the website layout and approved the selection of functionalities (login form, interactive help module, etc.).

Due to the specifics of the service we coded only the front-end layer leaving the back-end implementation to the company specializing in providing transactional services.



After over a year of cooperation we have delivered a coded graphic design project incorporating the latest trends and usability requirements. The new design compliant with WCAG 2.0 has made the service more attractive and adapted to a wide range of users, including visually impaired customers.

Developing unique look&feel and useful tools distinguishes the service against the international competition. Thanks to a careful analysis of the customers’ needs who use the services with their mobile devices, we have developed dedicated responsive mobile version providing convenient access to the key functionalities.

Santander Consumer Bank’s evaluations conducted among regular customers show that the service is highly popular among them and their positive feedback demonstrates that the service is greatly valued.

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Scope of work

  • Developing information architecture
  • Preparation of functional mockups
  • Graphic design
  • Front-End Implementation
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Usabilty testing

Timescale: April 2015 - July 2018


Project in numbers

16 finance industry awards

35% increase in customer satisfaction

3 millions active e-banking users
“During each stage of the design process, Crafton was constantly in touch with us. We had a direct insight into the progress and course of work. Our needs were treated with priority and were quickly fulfilled with the utmost care. We were satisfied with the high level of services rendered and continued our cooperation on the implementation of further projects, which were made at an equally high level.”

Piotr Humeńczuk

Director of Purchasing and Administration Department
Crafton CEO - poznajmy się Crafton CEO - poznajmy się
Piotr Kulczycki
managing director

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