Our current strong presence on the Middle East markets has started by our partnership with a regional government institution Takamol. For our Client, which reports directly to the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we have been developing a number of various websites and web applications. As part of our long-term cooperation, we have prepared, among other projects, an e-commerce platform, a bidding service and a mentorship platform. All these services are delivered under 910ths brand umbrella, which is entrepreneurs and SMEs one stop shop.


Takamol Holding is a state-owned company under the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The holding consists of a wide range of diverse companies serving both private and public sector entities. One of the main roles of Takamol is to act on behalf of the Saudi state and to improve and develop the local labor market. Companies that belong to Takamol provide services that include combining Saudi employers with potential foreign employees, issuing work visas, merging entrepreneurs and supporting start-ups.

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Initially one of the main challenges was to thoroughly understand the specifics of the MENA region market. We also had to support our client in identifying his business and marketing goals. Each of the web projects delivered by us, apart from performing realizing business goals, were also to emphasize the prestige and position of our Client on the market.

From the organizational side, the biggest challenge in implementing projects for the Takamol holding was the completely remote form of cooperation. It required the use of a agile work methodology, especially that the projects implemented for demanding clients from the Middle East are exposed to the risk of numerous changes from many stakeholders and priorities change during the implementation stage.

Our tasks also included the delivery of CMS systems (Site Leaf, WordPress, Drupal, Laravel-based), which would best suit the diverse business objectives of the Client, as well as the development of user interface designs that would be in line with both the latest global trends and regional specificity.

Additionally, our solutions had to take into account the presence of a very large number of active mobile users.


Each of the projects implemented for the Takamol holding was preceded by an extensive research and an in-depth analysis of the specificity of the industry and the market to which the given platform was addressed. Based on the defined goals and conditions, we have developed UX concepts and UI designs that did not only fit perfectly into the local specificity, but also effectively meet our client's business goals.

Bearing in mind the remote form of cooperation, each time we have used the agile work methodology. We did put a special emphasis on the mutual trust and transparency of each stage of the design process. The use of tools such as Asana, Jira, InVision or Trello guaranteed efficient exchange of information and ongoing monitoring of the progress.

Depending on the requirements of a given project, we have implemented either a popular, open-source WordPress system, or a customized, PHP and Laravel based CMS, both of which guarantee stable and reliable performance of the internet services.

Due to the large number of active mobile users in the Middle East, our web solutions have been created in accordance with the Mobile First principle.



As a result, we have implemented a number of visually attractive and functional websites and web applications that, perfectly fit into the specificity of the Middle East market. The use of advanced functionalities, properly designed UI sections and an intuitive and useful information architecture significantly increased user involvement and conversion rates.

All the projects are designed with an attention to every detail, and therefore we were able to build a long-lasting and trust-based relationship with our Client, who recommends our services to other companies.

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Scope of work

  • Information architecture design
  • User Experience
  • User interface design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Front-end and back-end development
  • Intergation with internal IT systems
  • Content migration

Timescale: December 2015 - now


Project in numbers

103% average increase in conversion rate

18 delivered projects

97,6% satisfied users
“Crafton is extremely creative and they make great designs. They always come up with great ideas and listen to the client’s needs. They understand our stakeholders’ business goals, and they’re patient whenever we request a change.”

Sahar Badah

UX & Product Manager
Crafton CEO - poznajmy się Crafton CEO - poznajmy się
Piotr Kulczycki
managing director

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