The benefits of a business video - Why video animation is a great way to promote your business

10 marca 2018

As the amount of information around us grows, ATP - Average Time on Page has become a ruthless metric for business owners to observe. In fact, research shows that almost half of visitors leave a website in under 30 seconds. And since time indeed equals money, many business owners are looking for new effective strategies to improve website traffic and reduce bounce rates. While helping clients create attractive websites aimed at triggering seamless user experience, the Crafton teams also pay close attention to monitoring which factors contribute to boosting users’ engagement rates. Our research shows that animated explainer videos are a particularly powerful tool for raising engagement levels. Whereas a well-designed website featuring no videos engages approximately 4 out of 10 users, an added explainer video boosts that number by 20%. “Clients often think that engaging textual content is the most effective way to keep users on a website. In reality, though, explainer preview videos appear to be more efficient for making users stay engaged and informed, and therefore increasing ATP time. 6 out of 10 users have told us that they find a short animated video to be a more effective and informative tool for familiarizing oneself with a product or a service”, – explains Piotr Kulczycki, Crafton’s Managing Director. Since a video is hardly the cutting-edge medium for connecting with users, one might ask what makes it so effective in the business context. Again, time saving is a crucial factor here. Crafton’s experience shows that on average people prefer to have information being delivered to them in the shortest amount of time, instead of having to excavate it from the website. Nevertheless, there are other important benefits of a business video which should be kept in mind. 1. Perfect Elevator Pitch for your product In a survey measuring users’ website engagement practices, the HubSpot portal established that 79% of page viewers would rather watch a video to learn about a product before getting down to reading and scrolling. Time efficiency is the core driver of this preference as users are looking to find out immediately whether the product or a service meets their needs and expectations. Moreover, an enormous 84% of users claimed they were convinced to make a purchase or to follow up with action after watching a content video. 2. Increase in brand awareness Videos are a great way to show your product/service in action, and company-specific information is also better retained through a video. Hence, a video is not only an effective mean of increasing your audience’s understanding of the product but it also makes the company and brand more memorable. This results in a better brand recall when prompted by a product category which in turns makes a company stand out in front of the competition, offering a potential for increased referral rates. 3. Build trust and credibility Short, attractive and engaging videos offer a more informal way of communicating the brand with the audience and add a personal touch in the process of attracting prospective clients. Thanks to the extra layer of emotional tissue that has been created, viewers are more likely to associate with the brand and make purchase decisions faster. 4. Mobile-friendly A short informative video, followed by a call to action is a convenient option to “on the go” mobile app users. Again, a video could be a more user-friendly way of conveying information to users who value mobility, flexibility and efficiency of information. Moreover, the impressive rate of traffic generated by video channels such as Youtube among younger audiences suggests that video is becoming the go-to communication channel in both business and leisure contexts. 5. Stronger Google results In addition to being a powerful tool for attracting prospective clients, videos posted on business websites improve a wide range of important analytic metrics tracking the quality and quantity of website traffic:
  • SERPs – as Google algorithms gain power, search engine results give higher priority to quality content rather than simple keyword optimization. A series of Google Hummingbird optimization algorithms has made it possible for pages with video content to be 53 times more likely to rank first in Search Engine Results Pages.
  • Sharability – the high sharing capabilities of videos over more standard website content types translate to bigger outreach across the web. High rates of shares and referrals help build quality backlinks, therefore increasing video social relevance and domain’s strength, at the same time adding to better SEO results. What is more, the sharing properties of videos make it possible to link it more firmly to various content pools around the web which also provides better opportunities for improved SEO results.
  • Enhance CTRs - according to research conducted by aimClear, "video has 41% higher click-through rate than plain text”. This is all due to decent video snippets being applied.
  • Lower bounce rates – a study by comScore investigating traffic on retail sites shows that a website featuring a video is more likely to keep viewers on the website for two minutes longer, and among those who stay 64% are more likely to make a purchase, compared to a website with text only. This earns credit for your website on a “dwell-time” Google algorithm and further helps to optimize your SEO.
6. Better conversion makes better sales It seems that the influence of videos on sales conversion rates is underestimated but the numbers speak for themselves. For example, marketers from Vinyad revealed that over 70% of B2B and B2C companies reported that their video content conversion performance was much better compared to other content marketing strategies. Industry examples supporting this trend are easy to find, with Dropbox and Twitter topping the list. Indeed, Buy Twitter increased their sales by 216% by simply including a video on their campaign main page. The Social Man ran simple A/B split test with two CTA given: “Watch a video” vs. “Get Instant Access”, and the former brought 28% increase in signups. Increased conversion rates also often translate to boosted Return on Investment (ROI). Nearly half of 235 survey participants of the Vidyard poll reported a noticeable ROI increase following a video marketing investment. Additionally, according to the Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight, video content attracts much more qualified leads, thus saving lead generating costs. The benefits of incorporating a video into a marketing campaign or a website are striking. At Craftoon we are determined to deliver the highest quality videos in line with branding strategies and business goals. We strive to understand each project from bottom-up to deliver unique, customer-tailored results that make customers fall in love with your brand.   Your Strategic Marketing Partner -